2020 felt like it was going to be a powerful year, something big was coming, but not in the way or the speed that I or perhaps anyone anticipated.

Scarcity to Potency – In this moment I am well and grateful for my home and therefore aware of my relative safety and privilege compared to the majority of people on the planet. Fear is affecting people in different ways – health & survival of self, friends and family, financial crisis, uncertainty for the future…I have experienced waves of fear at times and notice patterns of anaesthetising the feelings by comfort-eating or escaping into Netflix. I’m not afraid of death, for I truly believe if my time is up then its up, and at least this seems to be a fairly swift exit, but I have felt fear of how to live through these changes financially, around government agendas and for the safety of loved ones. But then I turn to my resources – nourishing myself by slowing down, resting, singing, dancing, meditating, writing my book, eating well, journeying, oracle reading, walking in nature, chatting & laughing with loved ones & being in service  – I allow the fear to be felt and released, coming back to a sense of balance, trust, heart and courage.

I intend to ‘feed the right wolf’ turning scarcity programmes to potency. In times of challenge we need to remember and turn to our resources – what are yours? To be more aware of our mortality can be a wake up call. The future is uncertain. I, like many others, need to be strong, present, creative – and adapt – for indeed the world is changing fast.

If you need any support that I can offer during this time, click here: a 1 to 1 Zoom chat for support, an Oracle card reading for guidance and direction, a healing session focusing on release, empowerment & freedom.