International Teacher – Speaker – Consultant – Shaman – Mystic – Ceremonialist

The influence of my birth year in Chinese astrology – Fire Horse – was so powerful that I named my business after it. Fire Horse specialises in space clearing, feng shui and healing.

Fire Horse’s strength and passion for transformation is woven together with Taurean home-making, highly honed senses, and a love of connecting with people. I combine the arts of a shaman and clairvision with grounded presence, humour and pragmatism; and offer a holistic, whole-hearted phenomenal service.

Over the past twenty five years, I’ve continued to train with world-class teachers, whilst developing and refining my services. I have supported clients throughout the UK & abroad, with professional consultations for every imaginable space, certified training courses, as well as personal healing sessions.

Shaman Sue leaning against a tree in a teal dress, smiling
Shaman Sue Holmes sat talking to someone

Space Clearing Ceremonialist & Shaman – I weave together the techniques of a ceremonialist & shaman; sound & energy healer; geomancer and oracle. This creates a powerful space clearing ceremony to transform your home and your life, with potentially far-reaching results.

Feng Shui Consultant – My approach is practical and analytical as well as intuitive and aesthetic. I communicate warmly with clients and offer a rich toolbox tailored to support every need. My recommendations are rooted in practicality as well as the time-tested wisdom of classical feng shui principles. I have the vision to bring out the positive potential unique to every building, creating harmony and inspiration.

Holistic Healing – With over 25 years’ experience, I hold a safe, grounded and nurturing space, weaving together shaman practices, energy healing, colour light therapy, sound healing and angelic reiki into a unique and potent individual recipe for healing.

Teacher & Facilitator – I create a supportive space where students have room to practice, gain confidence and enjoy their new skills, with me leading and supervising as a mentor and friend. I am recognised as a ‘master healer & teacher’ through the strength of my experience, expertise and integrity. I bring an alchemy of mystic, seer, shaman, shapeshifter and fool, combined with a grounded, warm-hearted, enthusiastic nature and personal dedication to authenticity, service and spiritual awakening. My courses reflect my passion for waking up as individuals, stepping up as a modern shaman, and celebrating as tribe.

Celebrant – I work with you to create a heart-centred, profound and sacred ceremony for baby-naming, marriage and funerals.

Singer-songwriter – My debut album is a combination of joyful, firey jazzy, bluesy songs and watery soulful prayers. All catchy, singalong tunes! Listen to and download for free/donation ‘Heaven on Earth’ here

Budding author – I am currently crafting my first novel – click here to join my mailing list and hear when it’s released

Sue Holmes smiling at the camera
Shaman Sue Holmes completing a session, smiling into the distance

Worldwide and multi-cultural Experience

During my travels through Asia, Africa, the Americas and Australia, I experienced many different cultures, shaman, spiritual practices and healing retreats. I undertook pilgrimages, treks and overland expeditions, fell in love with awesome scenery & wildlife, and participated in tribal trance dances & colourful festivals.

I am profoundly grateful that I have participated in hundreds of healing circles, shaman ceremonies and spiritual rituals with Tibetan lamas, Himalayan, Amazonian, Andean & Mexican ceremonialists, Kalahari Bushmen, Himba tribe in Namibia, Kalash tribe in Pakistan, Taoists temples in China, Hindu temples in India, the Moon Dance in Costa Rica and a Baka ‘Bwiti’ initiation in Gabon.

I give thanks for the healing, transformation, re-wilding and blessings of these experiences, that have awakened my tribal soul and facilitated the emergence of my most empowered & creative self, whilst becoming embodied and integrated into my work.

It is important to me to work with people of all ages, races, religions, philosophical beliefs, financial brackets and sexual orientations.

Sue's Training and Experience

  • Classical Feng Shui Certification, plus 10 post-graduate ‘master classes’, and a two week study tour in China (Howard Choy, European College of Feng Shui – 2008-2016)
  • Professional Advanced Feng Shui Practitioner (Feng Shui Academy 2003 – 2005)
  • Joey Yapp – ‘Thrive’ Feng Shui (London 2017)
  • Space Clearing Diploma (Feng Shui Academy – 2005)
  • Certificate of Interior Alignment & Elemental Space Clearing (Denise Linn – 2005)
  • Sound & Gong Healing training (Earth dance 2007-8. Ashera Hart 2016)
  • Geomancy, healthy home & dowsing tutor training (Peter Stott, Patrick Macmanaway, Sig Lonegren – British Society of Dowsers 2005-2006)
  • One year immersive training in Core Shamanism (The Sacred Trust – 2004/5) & two week residential training (2016).
  • Two year training in ‘Path of Pollen’ a European shamanic tradition based around the honeybee (The Sacred Trust – 2006-2008), plus subsequent ‘Melissae’ retreats.
  • Practitioner of Compassionate De-possession (Betsy Bergstrom – 2013)
  • Practitioner of Chöd (2012 – Betsy Bergstrom)
  • Ancient Tibetan Bon & Buddhist Meditation practices (since 2012)
  • Healing with plant & animal spirit allies (2007-2019)
  • Two year Barbara Brennon Energy Healing training: Infusion & Extraction; Sound Healing; Auric Surgery; Intention Alignment: Soul Retrieval; Organ Regeneration; Relationship Cords; Regression; Spirit Release (M.B – 2010-2011)
  • Colour Light Therapist (School of Awakening – 2006-2007)
  • Usui Reiki 1 & 2 (1995) and ‘Master’/teacher (Haritama – 1998)
  • Angelic reiki ‘master’/teacher (Kevin & Christine Core – 2007)
  • Sandra Ingerman’s Medicine for the Earth (Imelda Almqvist – 2014)
  • Certified Soul Coach (Denise Linn – 2005)
  • Ayurvedic Yoga Massage training (Subuddha & Sangita –  Back to the Body, Goa 2013)
  • The Template Levels 1-8 (Juliet & Jiva Carter – 2011-2013)
  • Trained in tai chi, chi kung, kick boxing, and kung fu to brown belt (Wutan school of martial arts (1994-1997)
  • Living Tao Barefoot Practitioner training (Andy Portman – 2016)
  • Middle Earth Medicine Ways (Caroline Carey and Ben Cole – 2017).
  • Ambassador for Brightsky Community (from 2019)
  • Path of Love (Osho Afroz – Greece 2019)
  • Pythoness Priestess & Pollen Method Training (Sacred Trust 2020 – 2023).

“What I love about Sue is how she mixes groundedness, immense skill and humour in everything she does. You’ll never regret working with her, but you might having left it so long before you did.”

Jude Claybourne

Play and Communication Specialist , State of Play, Frome, UK

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