I just returned from teaching the first module of my professional space clearing training. It was snowing when I left Herefordshire last Tuesday, and the last few miles to Gaunts House in Dorset, was on un-gritted, iced lanes. The participants travelled from afar, through difficult driving conditions – from Yorkshire, London and even New York. All but one managed to get there, with determination, courage and good fortune. I had arrived the day before, so that I had time to settle in, prepare my teaching tools and altars, and light the fires to welcome the participants.

By the following morning, we were snowed in! We joked about continuing through module 2 if we couldn’t leave, and also that of all places to get stuck, we were very lucky: being in a mansion house, with an ‘invisible butler’ making all of our meals, with a lovely bunch of people – and since we were the only group there, we had the place to ourselves! We used the library for meditation and teaching, and the ballroom for sound healing, movement and dance, and the big dining room and drawing room was ‘ours’ too. Next module, in the summer, we will get out in the grounds more, especially for geomancy and land healing work.

On Saturday, we carried out a space clearing exercise, in three groups, in different areas of the mansion. I learnt to drive in London, and felt that if I could drive in London, I could drive anywhere (in the UK that is) – so similarly, if the students can space clear a huge old mansion – full of all kinds of history – like Gaunts House, then this will well equip them for any other space clearing work in the UK!

With gratitude to the participants for showing up, bonding so well as a group and engaging with the work whole-heartedly; the hospitality of Gaunts House and its community; all of our guides and ancestors; the spirits of place; the power of the elements, sound healing tools and healing, and the weather angels!

Space Clearing training testimonial: ‘I travelled from the US because I couldn’t find any type of training like this in the states. Sue is a great teacher, down to earth and very knowledgeable. I am grateful to be part of her class’. Holly, New York.

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