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Space Clearing or 'house cleansing' is a term used to describe a ceremonial technique that removes negative and stagnant energy from buildings. Prayers of intention, sound-healing, burning sage, flower offerings and essences can be used to form a ceremony that I tailor to suit the individual and the building they wish to clear. It is the ultimate ‘spring clean’ whereby energetic imprints from the past can be removed and fresh positive energy takes its place.

If one thinks about all that may have happened in one’s home or business in the past – previous occupiers’ ups and downs – periods of stress, grief, arguments, depression, ill-health, their relationship issues, sex life and and patterns of behavior that leave a muddied atmosphere in a home or business that will affect us. It can also be effective in clearing negative or out-dated energy from your own life such as after a relationship ends or at the start of a new job, or changing habits such as giving up smoking or following a change of diet.

I have carried out Space Clearing in properties where there has been a slaughter house, bankruptcy, divorce, damage during the war (in London), execution (in the Spanish civil war), child labour, and deaths in the family. Imagine trying to have a happy, successful life whilst living in a building that holds these experiences…The trauma that was experienced in those places can be healed, and fresh, positive energy infused in its place. It is very beneficial for any home or business to have a Space Clearing Ceremony – so long as people are open-minded enough to give it a try. I prefer at least one member of the household or business to work with me during the Space Clearing Ceremony to that their personal intentions are invested in the building.

After the Space Clearing, it feels like a fresh start, and people usually experience a surge of positivity and clarity in their lives, and enjoy being in their homes more than before, and find new opportunities in business.

My Space Clearing ceremony was featured on Kirsty & Phil's property Guide in 2008.

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