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Space Clearing Birmingham

Yesterday I was invited to Space Clear a property in the Birmingham area, in a quiet, modern residential leafy suburb. The people living there had long suffered a feeling of things not being 'right' with the house, never really feeling comfortable, but they were reluctant to move. They had been experiencing headaches, and even strange smokey smells. They wondered if there was something that Feng Shui & Space Clearing could do to help…

Not only was there fifty years of various inhabitants' life stress held within the walls, but there was something more fundemental dating back hundreds of years…

When I journeyed (by this I mean that I used a shamanic technique of drumming for about 20 minutes, during which time, the history of the place was revealed to me), I discovered that the house had been built on an old battle site, and that human suffering and loss of life – both human and horses – needed to be honoured, and healed, so that this pain could be released from the earth, and the wandering spirits guided to the Light. I designed a Space Clearing Ceremony which included this earth healing, and we built an altar to Peace in the garden. My client said that the ceremony was 'so much more than she expected it be' – which is actually what most of my clients say. 

It is wonderful to see that this home and garden can now be enjoyed to its fullest potential. Symbolically, we started the day in a very atmospheric torrential thunder storm, and finished the day in calm, bright sunshine!

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