This Shamanic Practitioner & Energy Healer training group has come to completion and graduation. Of course, this simply means they are certified as ready to go out and practise professionally. I have heard that it takes 10,000 hours of practising something before you can say you are an ‘expert’…

In the penultimate module, we covered relationship cords and regression – going back to heal the roots of a current issue, which could be to a traumatic event in childhood or a previous life, and cleaning the associated relationship cords. In the final module of the course, we worked with spirit release and clearing ancestral patterns (and ‘curses’).

It’s amazing to witness everyones growth over the duration of the course, and to see the authentic healers they have become. It was incredible to hear so many sharing that this has been the most profound journey of their life! It was a bitter-sweet emotional sharing as we closed the training, but beautiful to know that a community of trusted friends – the ‘Soul Star’ tribe – has been created. We have planned a reunion already, to continue healing exchanges and deepening our connection and the healing work we do in a combined holiday and training retreat in Spain.

To join the next group in spring 2020, and train to be a Shamanic Practitioner & Energy Healer, see here for details and drop me an email.

I was recently shown in a dream, how I have become like my mother in her work – she was a senior staff nurse/’matron’ in charge of coronary care and intensive care wards in a busy hospital – a position of authority, responsibility and healing. So in my role as a teacher of shamanism and energy healing, I have matured into a similar position, albeit in a more ‘alternative’ setting.