I was filmed carrying out a ‘House Cleansing’ for a couple in York which was shown on Kirsty & Phil’s Property guide at 9pm on channel ‘More 4’ on June 11th. A house cleansing (or Space Clearing) with me takes one full day at a home, including dowsing for and treatment of Geopathic Stress, Space Clearing ceremony and Fire Ceremony, and checking EMF levels. This was edited down to a 4 minute piece for television, including an interview with my client Katie afterwards, describing very positive changes in her life.

if you missed the programme, you can still watch this episode on ‘Catch up TV’ for the next couple of days.

Follow this link for more information about my Space Clearing/House cleansing consultations.

Below is a photograph of me dowsing on camera

Dowsing on TV