I feel very fortunate to be working on a Feng Shui project in the beautiful mountains of Andalucia. Due to the weight restrictions on no frills airlines, I had to be very selective as to what equipment I brought with me, particularly for earth healing and Space Clearing. Therefore I dowsed to see whether the property was affected by Geopathic Stress (streams of energy emanating from the earth that are harmful to humans), and found that there were two. Then I dowsed to see what equipment I would need to take with me to harmonise this negative energy. I found that there would be two healing points and that I needed to take an ametrine crystal wand for one healing point and use sacred water on the second. When I began my work here in Anda Lucia I decided not to dowse for how many lines there were, in case I influenced my dowsing results to agree with my previous findings. Therefore I walked all around the property dowsing for harmful earth energy…and yes, there were two lines of geopathic stress and two healing points requiring the treatment that I had found through dowsing in my home in Daventry. After talking to my client about the history of the building, it became apparant that the healing tools were completely apt. I believe that distant healing works, and that energy travels throughout the energy matrix of the planet, but I still find it amazing that I can psychically connect with the earth healing of a property in another country through dowsing.

This consultation is to help a property to sell. After the earth healing to harmonise the trauma in the land from certain historical events, we performed a Space Clearing ceremony to set the intention for the property to sell asap to someone who will love this house, to release the sellers attachment to her home, and to remove any negative energy from the building that potential buyers would pick up on, filling the place with fresh, positive energy. Now I am making my Feng Shui report of practical recommendations that can be carried out to draw attention to the selling points of the property and away from the potential drawbacks, and to generally assist energy to move in a harmonious way through the building.

There can be no guarantees that this energy work can sell this beautiful property in Andalucia, but it will certainly increase its chances…watch this space for news of a sale!