Brian and I have been fortunate to have trained in Ayurvedic Yoga massage at 'Back 2 the Body' in Goa. This technique is a fusion of Indian Ayurvedic oil massage and yoga stretches from Thai massage. It was created 20 years ago, and the same formula is used today, since it works so well. 

It seems to me to be the last vital piece in the healing jigsaw that makes up my holistic approach to health and healing – to focus on the physical body. How many of us neglect to pay attention to our bodies and give them adequate care and maintenance? How good does it feel to relax and receive a massage? 

Our bodies hold our cellular memories, our repressed emotions, tension and stress. Through massage we can release this trapped energy, which might otherwise lead to bad posture, pain or even disease. Since Brian and I are experienced energy healers, we can also use energy healing if appropriate during a massage session, and support any cathartic release.

You can also simpy have a relaxing massage to unwind!

Sessions last up to one and a hours hours.

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