for people and places

What kind of transformation are you looking for?

Empowering your business for harmony, growth & success

Bringing you and your home into alignment, supporting your health, wealth and happiness

Certified Courses:

Shamanic Practitioner & Energy Healer

Space Clearing & Geomancy

Angelic Reiki.

Supporting you to alchemise your past, discover your true essence and shine! 

Workshops, gigs and life event ceremonies

What kind of transformation are you looking for?

Professional Harmony empowering your business – with feng shui & space clearing

The Home Healer – creating a harmonious & supportive home with feng shui & space clearing

Trinity Training – certified courses in: Professional Space Clearing; Shamanic Practitioner & Energy Healer; & Angelic Reiki

Individual sessions that weave together shamanic healing, energy healing, colour light therapy & angelic reiki.

Healing circles with cacao, dance & laughter; life event celebrations; & adventures abroad

Welcome to Fire Horse!

I am a full-time professional teacher, shamanic energy healer, feng shui & space clearing consultant.

I facilitate transformation for people and places, with individual consultations & sessions, group training & events. I invite you to contact me to see how I can serve you, your home or business.

I have been a holistic practitioner for twenty five years, serving thousands of clients. I live in Bath, with clients throughout the UK and internationally. I offer my services in person, remotely and online.

Upcoming Events

Angelic Reiki Practitioner training (1&2)

Space Clearing & Geomancy – Professional Accredited Course

Shamanic Practitioner & Energy Healer - online & in person training

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Words have power – thats why they call it ‘spelling’

Words have power – thats why they call it ‘spelling’

I actually started this blog at the start of the Corona situation. It struck me that people have often used words like 'gone viral' and 'viruses' on computers and wondered how much affect that happens to group consciousness and the reality we are co-creating. I prefer...

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