The Modern Shaman Academy

Earth - Heart - Spirit

Learn to practise or teach this simple yet powerful technique for channelling angelic healing – for others and yourself

This course weaves together ancient shamanic methods with modern healing science, enriching you with a magical healing toolbox. You will also undergo a deep passage of personal healing transformation.

Learn to practise professional Space Clearing – healing for land & buildings – including geomancy, sound healing, shamanic healing, spirit release, and the art of ritual and ceremony.


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The Modern Shaman Academy offers  courses containing a potent fusion of ancient shamanic healing arts and modern energy healing skills. This is anchored with the sacred relationship between earth, heart and spirit, that facilitates healing.

These courses are certified, accredited professional trainings and are available in person and online via Zoom.

Why train with me? I am recognised as a ‘master healer & teacher’ through the strength of my experience, expertise and integrity with this work, as an alchemy of mystic, seer, shapeshifter and shaman, combined with a grounded, warm-hearted, joyful nature and personal dedication to authenticity, service and spiritual awakening. I began teaching reiki twenty years ago – in the UK and on my travels in India and Africa. Over the years, I have gathered more healing methods and experience, as a full time practitioner, with thousands of clients. I have witnessed beautiful transformations, and feel called to share these techniques. My courses reflect my passion for waking up as individuals, stepping up as practitioners, and celebrating as tribe.

I am a natural and enthusiastic trainer, with the ability to communicate clearly, and the openness to share from my own experiences, inspiring participants to be comfortable, confident and to enjoy their new skills. As a ‘wounded healer’, healing skills did not come easily to me. But through commitment to the process of ‘inner space clearing’ and training, I learnt how to get out of my own way, to trust my senses and intuition and develop strong partnerships with spirit guides. I know the insecurities and challenges that can come up whilst training, and am able to compassionately guide and authentically inspire you to become the uniquely gifted healer that you are. I now facilitate and teach healing with ease and joy. I share a direct transmission of my work along with a range of beautiful methods and effective tools – as your friend and mentor – supporting you to develop your skills with grounding, presence, humility and compassion.


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