In Chinese astrology, the snake is associated with beauty, charm and wisdom. They are also known to embody esoteric knowledge and spiritual discovery and are considered sacred and magical to many ancient cultures around the globe. Snakes may also be viewed with fear. 

As befits “skin-shedders”, Snake years are marked by major transformation, new ideas and change, both good and bad: The Great Depression (1929), Pearl Harbour (1941), Twin Towers (2001), Tiananmen Square (1989) and Fall of the Berlin Wall (1989). Raymond Lo says that on the plus side, the water snake is less venomous than recent predecessors, more humble, and that the fluidity will be good for business. On the downside he does say that flooding and tsunamis may be likely. 

Its said to be a ssssuper year for Roosters, and particularly good if you’re a Dog or an Ox too. 

The snake is considered more moderate than the showy dragon and makes steady progress. Water snakes are also said to empower fluidity, intuition and sensuality.

This is a year to be cautious and alert, go slowly and stay connected to your instincts. Build steadily, use some cunning, stay adaptive, modest, and do not get fixated on outcomes or financial prosperity. Be in your power, and if this year is a slippery one, stay centred rather than being over confident.

Let's envisage that the water snake year of 2013 brings beneficial change to the world, as we ride the wave of positivity from 21.12.2012.

The Snake by Theodora Lau

Mine is the wisdom of the ages.

I hold the key to the mysteries of life.
Casting my seeds on fertile ground,
I nurture them with constancy and purpose.
My sights are fixed.
My gaze unchanging.
Unyielding, inexorable and deep,
I advance with steady, unslacked gait,
the solid earth beneath me.

I am the snake.