I actually started this blog at the start of the Corona situation. It struck me that people have often used words like ‘gone viral’ and ‘viruses’ on computers and wondered how much affect that happens to group consciousness and the reality we are co-creating.

I prefer to use the words ‘Corona’  – meaning crown (mother nature’s crown?) or Covid – which is like Corvid – the crow/raven/rook/magpie family – clever messenger birds – which may symbolise the silver lining in the current cloud.

The larynx is connected to the uterus and they even look the same, which helps to convey their similarity as organs of birthing – the former creating our reality with our words – ‘Abracadabra’ means ‘I create as I speak’.

When I was younger we used to say ‘wicked’ about things that we felt were great, but actually it means ‘evil’, and a current phrase is ‘sick’. Now people have banners saying ‘I can’t breathe’ – and Corona affects the lungs and makes it hard to breathe. mantras are words that are repeated to bring blessings – what kind of a mantras are we chanting by repeating these words?

Sometimes I hear people using the words ‘nitty-gritty’ – apparently this word comes from the time of slavery. I’ve heard of two original meanings of this – one is that the slavers used it to describe raping a slave and another is that it described the ‘debris’ at the bottom of the slave ships. Either way, I cringe when I hear it.

What about swearing?

What about the ‘casual curses’ we say to others and ourselves – especially as children – that can become our limiting beliefs?

Mother Teresa was invited on an anti-war demonstration and she said  something like ‘No but I would come on a demonstration for Peace’. I’ve heard it said that ‘whatever we oppose we strengthen’, so instead of having movement against war/racism, I think its more effective to be pro-unity, pro-justice, pro-equality and pro-peace.

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