Whilst visiting London for a Space Clearing consultation in Hackney, I visitd the 'Museum of Home' on Kingsland road, Hackney. Its in an old 'C' shaped building with a lawn in front. The museum presents living rooms that are furnished in the typical styles throughout the years, from the days when electric lights were a luxury and most people worked around the hours of natural light, gathered around the fireplace and went to bed after sunset..to the 1960's and beyond. when TV became the main focal point, and many people ate in the living room.

I enjoyed chatting with the man in the museum shop, since he keeps bees in the garden behind the museum.

In my feng shui consultations, I suggest ways for the living room to support the people that live there to relax and share life with family and friends. Wherever possible, I like the focal point of the room to be the view of the garden and fireplace, and not just the TV.