I love Space Clearing. Every home tells a different story and I love connecting with each client, supporting them through their personal transformation simultaneously – of letting go of the past and making space for the new, and all that they are calling into their lives. Houses become cluttered with energetic webs of old stories from the past and previous occupiers, and I can detect and clear these frequencies. Occasionally there may also be spirit presences that are held in the building – often trapped there, due to fears of punishment after death, or attachment to the house – which may be motivated by love, materialsim or vengeance. Children and animals are usually most perceptive to these energies: they may feel nervous or uncomfortable in certain areas of the house. In my work, I detect spirits and find out their story so that I can help them to leave – so they become my 'clients' too – and it is beautiful to witness these soul's being set free at last – some have been 'in limbo' for a long time, and then its wonderful to hear feedback of how good the home now feels to the living! Clients can gauge the results by the behaviour of their children and/or pets, who are now feeling comfortable and at home.

If you would like me to Space Clear your home, I currently have space in my diary from January 23rd. If you would like to learn to Space Clear in this way, I am starting a training course next year.

Here's a testimonial from such a case that I undertook last week:

Samantha Smith, Actress & Kid's drama facilitator, East london.

'I have been letting go of the old to make space for new things to flow on a personal and practical level. Since moving here, my two children have always found it difficult to truly settle. They both felt there was a presence here and had a sense of something watching them and were quite frightened. They both wanted to share a room with me and sleep in the same room as me and yet they are teenagers, and they sleep in their own rooms at their Dad’s, so I felt I should try do something to change the energy here. I am not sure what my views are on ghosts & spirits etc but I was open to exploring anything which might help my children to feel as safe and secure as possible. Right from the outset, Sue was professional and caring, listening carefully to my needs and requirements and communicating with clarity and warmth. I have never had a Space Clearing before so didn't really know what to expect, but it was AMAZING!  It actually turned out to be as much about healing me as well as the house… I realised that our homes are a reflection of ourselves so it is all one and the same. I was blown away by the revelations of the day, particularly the oracle card reading that Sue did which was incredibly relevant to my current situation and tied together a long cycle of events, bringing me to some deep realisations about myself. Sue works with such care, clarity and wisdom, and I felt really held throughout the process which surprisingly brought up a lot of emotional stuff. I really wasn't expecting the day to be so deep. She also worked with the energy that my children had been sensing and cleared it… both my children came home and noticed the difference straight away and have been sleeping in their own rooms since! Success! I can honestly say that this has been a perfect way to end 2016. I am so grateful to Sue for the work that she did with me and my home and for her care and dedication. I felt so good afterwards and still do! I can't recommend her highly enough! Sue is a highly engaging and inspiring person, and an amazing home healer. Thank you so much Sue!'