Marguerite Josephine had the inspiration to organise a tree-planting event in four locations over the winter solstice, and was immediately supported by Brightsky Community to make this happen. I was honoured to be the space-holder in the west at beautiful Coed Hills, near Cardiff. Marguerite is a ‘sacred activist’ and graduate of Fire Horse Trinity Training: Shamanic Practitioner & Energy Healer training.

I journeyed to the land spirits to ask permission, who said, ‘Yes as long as its done in a sacred way and prayers were not made with forked tongues’ –  ie that we said what we meant and meant what we said – and I said that we would do our best, and shared my insights on that with the circle of participants – being vigilant with our ourselves as we pray for peace, love, harmony and abundance for all of humanity.  I journeyed to the spirit of the sacred spring who said ‘sing me your prayers with gentleness and strength, and I will water them’. I journeyed to the spirit of the forest that would be planted and it said that ‘the crowing glory of the forest would be all the birds and wildlife that would come to live there’. I made offerings to the nature spirits, with prayers made in Tibetan, Welsh and English, and opened up the directions. Family from the community at Coed Hills, Joy Bliss and Susie Ro brought their prayers and we sang together, coming in close for warmth!

Around 100 people gathered at Coed Hills arts centre near Cardiff, contributing food (including foraged mushrooms and herbs), songs, music, tree-wisdom, prayers, a sacred fire and digging in teams to plant 800 mixed native trees. The intention was for the planting to be done with prayers for a new dawn for humanity in right relationship with the earth. One of the miracles of the event was the weather! After torrential rain for days, it broke into blue skies and sunshine just before we began the ceremony in the stone circle, and we were blessed with a rainbow 🙂 The rain held off until the closing prayers around the sacred fire in the afternoon.

It was such a beautiful gathering of friends, kids and dogs in a warm heart space of co-creation. We enjoyed a great line up of musicians, ecstatic dance, singing and sound healing. Thank you to all who came and took part.

Blessings for the forests!

I look forward to receiving some photos of the tree-planting. I left my phone indoors.

Here is my bio for the event:

‘I grew up on a small-holding in rural Shropshire, with a strong connection to the land and animals. In my 20’s I spent a few years as a gardener and tree-surgeon – clearing storm damage and planting trees in London, after the storm of 1987 blew down 15 million trees across the country. I studied horticulture, arboriculture and forestry, with an interest in conservation and passion for trees – as well as art, music, dancing, parties and adventures.

I realised my calling was with healing and began training and working with alternative health in 1995. A pivotal magical moment for me was dowsing earth energies alone at sunset at Arbor Low stone circle, feeling the connection with the spirits of the stones and the land. I was inspired to incorporate land healing into feng shui and space clearing consultations. I became a full time holistic consultant and shamanic practitioner in 2005, working with a combination of ancient healing methods (core shamanism, Lyceum honeybee and serpent women’s path and Tibetan Chod); with modern energy healing, sound healing, colour light therapy, angelic reiki; and tree, plant, flower & animal allies. I am profoundly grateful to have participated in hundreds of healing circles, shamanic ceremonies and spiritual rituals in the UK and with Tibetan Lamas, Himalayan, Amazonian, Andean & Mexican ceremonialists, Kalahari Bushmen, Himba tribe in Namibia, Kalash tribe in Pakistan, Taoists temples in China, Hindu temples in India, the Moon Dance in Costa Rica and a Baka ‘Bwiti’ initiation in Gabon. I work together with clients to create heart-centred, profound and sacred ceremonies for healing, space clearing and blessing homes, baby-naming, marriage and funerals.

At 53 my work now primarily focuses on teaching. I am recognised as a ‘master healer and teacher’ through the strength of my experience, expertise and integrity; as an alchemy of mystic, seer, shapeshifter and clown; combined with a grounded, warm-hearted nature and personal dedication
to authenticity and spiritual awakening. The courses I run offer opportunities for personal transformation and belonging to community, as well as professional certified training in how to facilitate healing for people and places: ‘Shamanic Practitioner & Energy Healer’ and ‘Space Clearing & Geomancy Practitioner’. I am a bee-keeper, ‘tree-sister’ and writer.

I am recording my first album ‘Heaven on Earth’ this December, with songs of dreaming into being a world of harmony, compassion, community and joy.

My deepest prayer is that we wake up and get on with transforming our heart-breaking, beautiful world. I’m honoured to be taking part in this tree-planting event with practical prayers for the earth.’