In this video I am hosted by Joanne Burrows from Brightsky and introduced by Marguerite Joesphine, one of my students and we both both share some of the powerful journeys of transformation that we have experienced using shamanic healing, energy healing and the training course I offer. Its been a process of awareness, acknowledgment, catharsis, deep ancestral and karmic clearing, power & soul retrieval and grace. This is the kind of journey I can facilitate for you with my ‘Metamorphosis’ series of deep healing sessions.

If you feel drawn to facilitate these sessions, I offer an accredited certified shamanic practitioner & energy healing training. This includes energy healing modules: infusion, extraction, sound healing, alignment, organ and spine regeneration, auric and psychic surgery, regression and relationship cords cleaning. It combines with shamanic techniques – shamanic journeying, merging with spirit guides, spirit release (compassionate de-possession), power and soul retrieval, and clearing ancestral patterns (or ‘curses’). You can join this training in person or online (details of the online course coming very soon).