Here’s a link to the final exclusive in The Mirror about my space clearing, land harmonising and shamanic healing work with Gemma Collins on Dancing on ice – which has now been shared throughout the tabloid press:

Gemma Collins’ Dancing On Ice fall ’caused by ghost of Second World War RAF airman’

Though they describe it differently to how I would have done – especially the headline! (I never mentioned spirit release or ‘ghosts’ to the press whatsoever), at least they have used my full name this time, whereas the previous press clips just described me as a ‘shaman’ or ‘psychic’.

Just to clarify some points in the press coverage of this story from my perspective:

– In my opinion, if someone falls on an ice rink, that is probably due to a number of factors, including in this case:

  • Ice is slippery!
  • Gemma is a novice skater
  • She lifted her arms up and out, in a move that would throw her balance
  • There is huge pressure when you are skating in front of that many people as a novice
  • The influence of disharmonious earth energy lines that dowsing revealed crossed at that spot
  • The influence of the history of the place as an old RAF base in WW2 – I sensed energetic imprints of fear, loss, calamities, bad news etc
  • Gemma has an awareness of subtle energies that others might not notice.
  • Spirit release was necessary from this place, but I would not say that ’caused’ her fall.

– Space clearing and earth healing work is intended to help to restore harmony, clarity, blessings and peace to locations, homes and workplaces.

– I didn’t use my equipment to ‘protect Gemma from more injuries’, but with the intention of supporting her in letting go of some of the fear and shock of the fall.

– The healing sessions that I facilitated with Gemma off camera, were never intended to magically transform her into a champion skater. The intention was to support her to relax, release, align, focus, and shine with more of her true, empowered self. She enjoyed her last performance, and bowed out gracefully, as the competition hots up between the more proficient skaters. She ended the competition on a good note.

– Though its simpler to use the word ‘shaman’, I am more comfortable with the title ‘shamanic practitioner’ which is more accurate and humble. I was taught that to call yourself a ‘shaman’ is like calling yourself a ‘hero’. I also use ‘space clearing & geomancy consultant’ and ‘holistic healer’ in this context – but agree they are a bit long-winded.

– Although I live near to Worcester, I actually live in Herefordshire.

If you are interested in healing sessions for yourself or space clearing/land healing for where you live and work, or training to be a ‘Professional Space Clearing & Geomancy Consultant’ or ‘Shamanic Practitioner & Energy Healer’ contact me here. Thank you.