I am happy to travel for Space Clearing and Feng Shui consultations – so far this year I have travelled to Birmingham, Solihull, Totnes, Yeovil, Bristol, London, Warwick, Leytonstone, Barnet, Wembley, Reading and Derby!

Each Space Clearing or Feng Shui case is a new project, and I enjoy the variety of people and homes that I work with. Every home I Space Clear reveals a unique story to be acknowledged and cleared – creating a fresh new start; and every Feng Shui consultation is an opportunity to create more harmony and balance in someones home and life.

With all this travelling, its great to come home, to relax and enjoy increasingly warm and sunny days. The first apple tree has blossomed and the garden is full of daffs and snowdrops. I also work from home, seeing healing clients. My cottage has a very nurturing space to come for a healing session, and afterwards you can walk along the winding brook, through the field full of horses and into the woods – for grounding and integration.