I usually do a week-long detox/fast about once a year. It’s recommended to do it when the weather is warm and you can rest. I just did 3 days of juice, then 7 days of water fasting at home. If you haven’t done it before that might sound hard, but curiously once you start and surrender to the process it’s quite easy and personally I don’t actually feel hungry, even though I normally have a big appetite – so long as I don’t smell cooking! Its very important to break the fast gently, with juice, fruit and steamed vegetables – that’s what I am looking forward to today!

The benefits of fasting can be many – giving your digestive system a rest, clearing out toxins, having a re-set to eating habits, losing weight and increased clarity. Those are the ones that motivate me. The link below lists many more. I am working with lots of herbs to cleanse the colon, blood, liver and kidneys and then will take others to rebuild and strengthen the system, including pro-biotics. It feels like a kind of rebirth, like a snake shedding its old skin and growing a new shiny one! In my opinion, just as its beneficial to clean, clutter clear, space clear and bless our homes and business spaces, so its valuable to clean, clutter clear and space clear and bless the internal ‘home’ of our body. ‘As within so without’…

If you’re interested in doing a deep fast with colonics, I think it’s a good idea to do it at a retreat centre where you are supervised and supported and can let go to the process, before attempting to DIY at home. You can benefit from all their wisdom and experience as well as have supportive meditations, treatments and body work. Having a colonic in a beautiful purpose built room, laying still and relaxed through the whole process, watching hummingbirds out of the window beats laying on your bathroom floor leaping onto the toilet for every release! But of course the latter is much more economical, and less daunting with practice. Apparently colonics are only beneficial when fasting, otherwise you are simply losing all the good bacteria from your intestines.

There are a couple of centres in the Uk that I can personally recommend, where the care, knowledge and expertise is exceptional – ‘Suradetox’ in Devon and ‘The Fisher King’ centre in Glastonbury. I also recommend ‘Pachamama’ in Costa Rica, ‘Madre Tierra’ in Ecuador, & ‘The Sanctuary’ in Koh Phangan, Thailand.

Here’s a link to a site with more info about fasting 

Feeling lean, clean & clear!