Here is the testimonial to back up my story about the house selling the day after I carried out my Space Clearing Ceremony!

Ms DLG, Okehampton, Devon

“It was just as Sue says….  my house had been on the market for a number of months with only 1 viewing.  It seemed very strange no one else had viewed so I began to wonder if the house was 'hanging onto me' and not wanting me to move on because of the history of me being born in it and possibly the 'ghosts' of the past clinging.   I contacted Sue and without a doubt she provided a day over and above my wildest expectations.  The house itself felt a calmer place immediately with her presence and once she had setup the altar and commenced the house clearing process a certain feeling of serenity became apparent.   Her magnificent aura made me feel relaxed and throughout the day I knew I could have total faith in what she was doing.  Sue did a number of ceremonies – some with me joining in, and others on her own.  She was so caring and attentive.  We ended with my 'wish list' and part of that was for the 'perfect' people to take over the house and love it as much as I do.  The next day I invited a couple walking by and looking into my window into the house and they made a full asking price offer within an hour of being shown around!  
I could not recommend Sue highly enough, she continues to be hugely supportive and is helping me now with choices presented to me for a new house.   A loving and very personal 5 star service provided.  THANK YOU Sue for making my dreams come true!”