My most recent Space Clearing consultations have each been for larger properties and a house where there was more sticky history than usual to deal with. Due to client confidentiality, there is only so much I can share, but I will attempt to give you the gist of the scenarios.

The first was Space Clearing a house that was built next to an old prison and a hospital, and had itself been used as holding cells in the past. There had been a lot of suffering here. Despite being attractively decorated, the energy of the past was having a strong influence on the occupiers. It could seem like a strange place to have chosen to live. Perhaps there is something in our destiny that attracts us to a particular house and its energetic patterns, so that we have the opportunity to heal or learn something…

I spent two days at another property where it was interesting how many of the present day themes in the occupants lives were echoed in the past history that was revealed to me in my journeys tuning into the energy of the predecessors. There were two sides to the house – a large georgian house with a cottage attached, so part of the ceremony was spent creating unity between them. In my Space Clearing consultations, I include earth healing and curse clearing where necessary – I find this is more common with older properties. A health problem that was like a 'ball and chain every day' to the lady of the house, has disappeared since my space clearing work was completed – the benefits of this work can be far-reaching and beyond expectations.

My third Space Clearing job in June took three days, and was for a three storey mansion and lodge. When I tuned in to the house and its stories beforehand I realised that there was a lot of healing to be done, with many spirit presences, and I needed to work with a colleague, interestingly it was not the balance or strength of a male energy that was required, it was important that this was another woman who would assist me in creating a 'nurturing and motherly' approach. It was a pleasure to work with my friend Rosemary O'Toole, who I did my shamanic training with. The house felt tense and 'creepy', I imagine it would be a real 'Scooby doo' place in a thunderstorm! We created beautiful flower offerings and altars, and using ritual, sound healing and shamanic journeying, we began the work of healing this huge property, gently encouraging the many earth-bound spirits to leave this place and go to the light of the spirit realm. In the following couple of days I worked alone, and with my hosts. The work included earth healing, psychopomp (spirit release), curse-clearing, sound healing and recommendations for tree-planting. Eventually the house felt very peaceful, calm and harmonious. 

During my Space Clearing consultations I spend time with my clients, listening to their stories and aspirations. I meet people from all walks of life and I love the intimacy and trust that we share. It is beautiful to witness people engaging in the process, healing and letting go of their past and embracing the next phase in their lives…

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