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I recently completed an 'Arise and Shine' 28 day colon cleanse, and have been amazed at the positive results. The reason I am sharing this is that this really is Space Clearing for the body! We can have a beautiful house that is arranged with Feng Shui, and clear of clutter and regularly Space Cleared…but what if the body we occupy is full of toxins – and the emotional clutter that they also hold…? 
When you do a full on colon cleanse like this, during the fasting phase (in this case 7 days), your body stops digesting food and moves to detox mode and lets go of a substance called 'Mucoid Plaque'. This is the build up of toxins in the digestive system, largely due to an acidic diet, as well as heavy metals and pesticides. Several feet of Mucoid plaque is released during the fast, and during this process one also experiences memories and emotions that were suppressed with comfort eating, for example.
I can honestly say that this cleanse has been one of the most difficult yet profound and worthwhile experiences in my life, and it has changed my relationship with food. I finished the cleanse a month ago, yet have maintained a largely alkaline diet since then, kept at my new lighter weight, and am not craving the kind of foods I used to eg chocolate!