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One of my Space Clearing tools is a Paiste Symphonic Gong. The oldest gongs date back 5000 years and they take their name from the sound they make and the 'Om'. Paiste gongs are made of bronze alloy containing around 75% copper, 20% tin and 5% nickel. The nickel content is said to be what differentiate these gongs from others and takes the quality of the sound into the healing realm. 

Paiste gongs are an immensely profound resonant tool, that in my opinion, can move energy more than any other sound healing instrument – if it is played well and with intention. This is why I incorporate a gong healing into my Space Clearing Ceremony. Not only will the house benefit from the power, depth and beauty of a gong healing, but so will the people who participate in their ceremony.

A gong healing is often referred to as a 'Gong Bath' because the receiver will make themselves very comfortable and relaxed and then the sounds of the gong will wash over and penetrate their bodies – their whole being enveloped in its resonance. The brain tends to give up trying to find a pattern in the sounds and therefore allows the body to let go, and surrender to the healing process. People may experience a change in consciousness, blissful states, visionary or sensual experiences, and a clearing of disharmonious energy. Afterwards people tend to feel very relaxed, present and clear.