Space Clearing for your Home Testimonials

Client Testimonials

‘When I moved into a new house I discovered what I can only describe as a vortex of energy in and around an upstairs cupboard.  If you stood anywhere near it, it made you feel really sick and your head would spin for hours afterwards.  Just being in the house made you feel lethargic and depressed. Everyone who encountered this energy and I mean ordinary people, not psychics or sensitives, felt the same way.  I didn’t want to be anywhere near it and I was completely at my wits end when a friend gave me Sue Holmes number.  Sue came and cleared the house with her beautiful ceremony.  The house is now full of joy and happiness – I can’t wait to get home after work each day.  I would recommend Sue to anyone who has a similar problem, she is extremely professional, puts you at ease during difficult times, and best of all what she does really works.’

K. Macdonald,

Teacher, Northampton

‘I was very impressed with Sue’s ability and professionalism and I felt relaxed and at ease in her company. Participating in the ceremony was a great experience that I would recommend to anyone who wants to clear away the past and refresh the energy of their home. I particularly enjoyed working with ‘sound healing’ and immediately felt the energy change here. It’s left a really good feeling in the flat.’


Builder, Exeter

‘We contacted Sue eight weeks after moving into our house as things didn’t feel right. My husband couldn’t settle in, neither of us were sleeping well, things kept going wrong and we felt as if money was literally flowing out of the back door, we were arguing a lot and I had prolonged headaches. I work from home as a complementary therapist and one or two of my clients said they felt uncomfortable in my treatment room as well. None of this made sense since the house was wonderful and met all of our needs but the ‘space’ just didn’t feel good. We came to the conclusion that after eight weeks we couldn’t continue to put all of these things down to the stress of a major house move. After the space clearing and feng shui, things have improved enormously, and my husband and I are getting on wonderfully again like we used to before the move, my clients and friends love coming to the house now, we feel much more settled and feel that the previous occupants have now left the building. We are now able to enjoy the house and its beauty and the wonderful position it has. I would really recommend this is you want a happy home and life’.

Elizabeth Jones,

Complimentary Therapist, Bristol

‘I found Space Clearing a real eye-opener. Sue made me feel totally at ease with this new experience – she was were easy to talk to, to be completely honest about my feelings and what I wanted to get out of the process. Sue was very understanding, and it felt natural for her to take charge and direct the process throughout my home. I found it a really useful process to focus on what it is I really want. Sue made me feel very at ease throughout, and as a result I felt that I could embrace the experience and not feel self conscious. Has anything changed? In terms of my health I do feel on the whole very well, full of energy and positive about the future. The pain in my bones from my illness is less than it was. Other than my health, one of the areas that needed change was good fortune in my husband getting a new job opportunity, and shortly after the Space Clearing a job opportunity came up in an area of the country that we love.’


Teacher, Birmingham

‘I was very sceptical at first, but had to admit that the house immediately felt a lot better, and I could relax more. It helped me out of a rut that I had been in, my lifestyle became much more healthy, work improved and that week I started a new relationship. Soon after, I booked my first holiday in years. The Space Clearing must have shifted something!’


Sales rep, Nottingham

‘The Space Clearing experience was meaningful, exhilarating, mystical, memorable and more. Although unfamiliar to us, we found we were trusting of the whole procedure and enjoyed participating. The thing that surprised us both was the expressions from others who were unaware of the clearing that had taken place. Comments varied from how ‘fresh’ the house felt to one person who entered saying the house felt as if the furniture had been moved out!! The house appeared brighter / lighter. Sharing the experience, as a couple, has helped open different channels of communication between us that has given our bond a greater depth. During the week following the clearing I realised that I was able to stand and move more spontaneously than for a very long time, and had the experience that I was no longer moving through a resistance – as if previously I had been trying to wade through water. My energy levels have been improved and movements easier. It feels as if I (Sandra) had the Space Clearing and a cloud has lifted. After a lifetime of doing battle with myself I have (once again spontaneously) painted 2 pictures. After 7 and a half years of searching for our wedding video, it magically surfaced from nowhere, sitting at the front of a recently cleared cupboard!’


Brian and Sandra,

Clients, Birmingham

‘We have most definitely seen a difference since the Space Clearing! It all got worse before it got better and that took about 3-4 weeks but we gradually started to feel more at home and have been feeling much more inspired and creative. We have moved the sofas and T.V. around in the lounge and it has made a huge difference – we actually love being in there now! Our bedroom used to be the worst but although I don’t love it yet, I now feel quite ok with and in it. We have taken the house off the market as even Paul is quite contented here now. He gradually started looking forward to coming home which must show that something has shifted. Paul’s daughter says she feels comfy and safe here and she has asked her Mum if she could stay here more! They say little kids pick up on energy….We feel quite positive that things are sorting themselves out for the better. Again, many thanks for all the energy you put in and the help you have given us.’

Paul and Helen,

Clients, Huntingdon

‘I contacted Sue following a very sudden and traumatic separation. I felt that I wanted to cleanse the house and shift the energy. I wanted the house to feel safe and welcoming. Sue spent a whole day with me. I was amazed that the house cleansing took a whole day and I was quite nervous about what it would be like. I was immediately very impressed by Sue’s professionalism, she inspired confidence in me and made it feel very safe. She new exactly what the process was going to be and talked me through it all at the outset. I very quickly found myself immersed in the rituals, the whole process and the positive affirmations. For me the drumming was extraordinary I felt stuff being cleared and released and she went to exactly the areas in the house where there had been difficulties. I also completely loved the healing that she gave me with the most beautiful sounding Tibetan gong. At the end we did a fire ceremony which again felt like letting go of stuff and new beginnings. I felt an immediate change in my home I look forward to coming back each day and I now love being here again and treasure the space and can also reclaim the many lovely memories that I have.’


Teacher, London

‘I thought the Space Clearing day was very well planned out and we got through so much in a short space of time. Myself and my boyfriend were able to firstly discuss what issues we had living in our house and what drew us to have the space clearing in the first place. Sue gave us time to go over these issues when she was busy divining for geopathic stress outside and I think this time alone was invaluable to us as a couple. We had never really talked through the issues before and it was a relief for us both to do so. We then went through the various ceremonies with Sue, some boisterous and energising, others more thoughtful and spiritual, while we did have a chance to catch our breaths and have something to eat in the middle of it all and we got to chat to Sue too which was great. I definitely think it brought us closer as a couple. At the very least because we had shared and enjoyed the experience. It also gave me more respect for our house and its history and an appreciation for our lives and all we have achieved and the things we have done, e.g. great holidays we have shared. I think also I was very relieved that the geopathic stress in the house had been cleared and Sue allowed me to test it myself using the diving rods at the end of the day. It’s a full-on but thoroughly enjoyable day. It is a magical experience, the various ceremonies are thought-provoking, spiritual, fun, and all very rewarding. I also really liked the mix of approaches throughout the day – the divining and clearing of geopathic stress, the feng shui, the spiritual elements – Christian & Eastern, but the experience isn’t a passive one, you are personally involved in every step.
Our impression of you as a Space Clearing consultant was absolutely brilliant. You were very professional but also super friendly and we felt very comfortable in your presence. You also understood and respected our reasons for wanting to do the space clearing and tailored the space clearing to our requirements.’


Marketing Manager, London

‘Ever since our space clearance I have been sleeping well – just falling asleep in bed as one ought to, rather than tossing and turning for hours. There had been no significant change in my life (same workload, same single-mum responsibilities, etc) so I can only put it down to the space clearance. I’d like to tell you how much I loved the actual Space Clearing ritual. It was all enjoyable, but the thing I loved most was the gong. It felt so amazing: really like nothing I’d ever felt before. The whole ritual was so very thorough. You really covered everything; every part of me, every part of the home, every corner and every element and every aspect – in every way possible. I was slightly apprehensive about what the neighbours would think, but they loved it too. They could smell the sage, and they loved the sound of the drums and the gong. Our small flat is becoming more and more roomy. There is no more wall between the kitchen and the living room, and only essential and beautiful furniture is left. Thank you for your Feng Shui advice – the rooms that need painting will be done next week, and the changes that need to be made in a couple of places are slowly coming together. What was once a dreary, pokey flat has become a light and airy one. Oh, and the landlord has agreed to put in double glazing so it should also be a slightly warmer one too! I cannot thank you enough for coming round and putting all of yourself, your time and your energy into changing and improving the home that I live in.’

Katcha Bilek,

Designer, Bristol

‘The dowsing was incredibly fascinating, the Fire Ceremony was amazing and the Space Clearing Ceremony cathartic and uplifting. It felt as if all my worries had gone & I was starting a new life / a time of renewal. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Since the Space Clearing, there is a huge difference to the feel of the place, and myself. The house feels like it now belongs to me & not someone else. My house feels fabulous and the atmosphere encouraging and nurturing and it’s so different from before because at the end of the day I can’t wait to get home!!  I feel like my house is now actually supporting me in whatever I want to do in my life and not working against me as before. I am more contented and much happier and so much more positive for my future.’


Events organiser, Mitcham, South London

‘In the month since the space clearing has taken place our nine year old daughter (for whose sake it was carried out) really has become happier, more confident and outgoing in herself. Bedtimes and going to sleep are generally much easier now. Yesterday, for the very first time, she spent about twenty minutes in her bedroom by herself (reading), with no-one else on the upper floor of the house. She said “It felt nice”. She also said, when I commented this weekend past that she seemed happier and more comfortable in herself these days, that “since the special spring cleaning I feel a lot more person-y and a lot less mouse-y. I don’t feel uncomfortable in the house any more.” Job done!’


Homeopath and Company Director, East Devon

‘I really enjoyed the Space Clearing experience. Sue did not make me feel overwhelmed in any way as I was allowed to bring into it as much of myself as I wanted to. Each step was explained very well and it’s significance highlighted. It gave me an opportunity to see that a home is an integral part of your life. It has given me a positive outlook on my life in general.  In addition, things have been a little smoother in the house in terms of the family’s relationship with each other.  I can see the importance of being in tune with one’s spirituality – namely the strength and comfort it brings. I finally went to India, which was one of my wishes, after 16 years!’


House wife & Mother, Buckinghamshire

‘I don’t think I noticed a difference right away but I was on a high after such a wonderful clearing of each room experience, the magical noise of the buffalo drum, the chanting and burning of sage has refreshed all the rooms and now I find the house is at peace, and the unpleasantness from previous occupiers is gone. This house now feels like my home and I feel more settled here.’

Sylvia Rowlands,

Client, Devon

‘I cried at the end, it was beautiful and cleansing, and it has remained with me – my flat feels so much purer, cleaner and lovelier! It totally changed the atmosphere. I felt my flat had been blessed – a very special feeling!’


Reflexologist, Northampton

‘I was initially dubious about the space clearing but Sue was incredibly supportive and led me through it. I’m really glad that I did it as it has enabled me to make a fresh start with the house, without the negative emotions from previous occupants and my illness. I would highly recommend this to anyone who feels that something is ‘not quite right’ in their house. Sue’s Feng Shui report and space clearing ceremony has made a tangible improvement to life in our house – the house feels much happier and more relaxed.’


Manager, Devon

‘After a very short while of talking to Sue I felt able to put my trust in her and get involved – it was great! Sue’s capacity to be grounded, humorous and warm, but still be capable of reaching out compassionately to areas of oneself that have been locked away, was liberating. After the Space Clearing, I felt a real difference to the house, it was so much more ‘still’ compared to the previously empty yet coiled up feelings. I now feel more peaceful. Friends and family have said the house feels very different, very calm and not the usual ‘fired up’ feeling. My husband said the house is really growing on him and he likes it more now. But the biggest shock is…my son’s room is still cleanish! Eeeeha! One member of the family has changed beyond recognition! Friends have noticed how calm he is most of the time and are amazed. I don’t normally dream, but the night after you left I had a beautiful dream about angels! I will never be afraid or embarrassed to send a wish or ask my guardian for help. Every day I thank my guardian for all that has happened. I found the Space Clearing and dowsing literally life-changing. The consultation has given me a belief in myself, my intuition and things that you can’t always see! The one thing I wanted was a home, a peaceful haven, and this consultation has allowed me to see my home as that, before it was just a house.’


Client, Worcestershire

‘We moved into our house some 9 years ago, and given that it hadn’t had a lot of TLC by the previous owners, set about spending quite a substantial amount of money making improvements and putting our stamp on it. Unfortunately, it soon became apparent that everything we were doing was going wrong, and what’s more, everything we bought for the house virtually always caused a problem. The list of problems just continued to grow, until we were left with no doubt that the house just didn’t seem to like us or what we were trying to do to it. We were aware that in the distant past (before we lived here) there had been anger, violence, sickness, and two deaths in the house. We were recommended to contact a Feng Shui Consultant, and after some research, we contacted Sue Holmes.

An arrangement was made for Sue to come and perform a space clearance ceremony and prepare a Feng Shui report. We were both a little skeptical as neither of us could fathom what was going to happen. Sue spent many hours completing what can only be described as a beautiful ceremony in which we joined. Whilst this was going on, both our cats were evicted, and at completion, were re-admitted. The first thing we noticed was that one of our cats, who is extremely timid and nervous, changed beyond recognition. Her confidence, behaviour and eating habits altered, and for the first time in her life, she started to put on weight and stopped pulling her fur out. The next was the atmosphere in our basement, and indeed throughout the house. We are in no doubt whatsoever that the space clearance had a profound effect despite out initial mild scepticism, and indeed, should we ever move, would get Sue back again to space clear the new property. We now feel confident enough to complete the rest of our plans for the house which had been put on hold because of all the problems we had had, and so far, so good!’

Andy and Diane,

Retired, Torquay

‘My experience with Sue has been a truly amazing one. The Space Clearing involved a lot more than I thought as it was so thoroughly done.  Sue was very professional, knowledgeable and patient.  The entire day was dedicated to me … the session was tailored to sweep away obstacles in my life that blocked my way which opened the path for me to welcome my hopes, desires and aspirations.  I particularly liked the fire burning ceremony part of the day … I felt as if all my requests were immediately heard by the universe. Since that lovely day with Sue my flat feels lighter and brighter.  I (and others) feel an immediate calm as soon as I enter my front door.  Two of my “very aware” friends said that my flat looked larger (this comment was before I told them about the session that I had with Sue). I would definitely be calling on Sue again should I move or my existing circumstances change.   Great job Sue … thanks for adding your light to this world.’

Space Clearing Client,

Professional, London

‘I am so happy that I invited you to come and Space Clear my home. I woke up this morning feeling unburdened. It is a true feeling of peace. My body feels more relaxed. I haven’t got the pain in my arms that I’ve been living with, I think perhaps the sound from the gong over my body, is still resonating. Events of the Space Clearing day are running through my head, it feels like so much was addressed. Thank you for all your time and energy. It has been magical.’

Emma Carpenter,

Artist, Bath

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