Spring is a wonderful time to Space Clear your home, clear away negative energy of the past and fill your home with love, light, positive intentions and clarity… here are a few notes from my recent Space Clearing, earth healing and holistic healing sessions.

A Space Clearing consultation for a Seikh family in Birmingham focused on clearing away the negative energy of a divorce and ill health from the house, giving them a fresh start. The youngest daughter was unsettled and bullied at school, but with a shamanic healing, she now has a connection with a 'power animal' which can help her to feel happier, more playful and confident in herself and her talents.

A Space Clearing for a family in Devon was a complex case, where I removed some spirit presences from the building. This was an old property with many layers of history to be cleared so that they can now enjoy this beautiful home. It had also been divided into apartments, so the ceremony brings a sense of clarity to the new layout of this building.

A Space Clearing ceremony for a Hindu family in Oxford cleared the residual energy from the previous occupiers divorce and the house having been through a period of neglect. In every consultation, I find that earth healing plays an important role in restoring harmony to the home, but sometimes this is particularly crucial, and this was one of those cases. I have found that in houses where there are problems with drains or water leaks, and runs of 'bad luck', it is very helpful to practice the Tibetan Chod ritual

In a healing session for a client who has been feeling very negative, we combined some colour light therapy with shamanic healing and energy healing. The colour light therapy renewed her passion for living, and a soul retreival brought back part of her essence that was lost during a traumatic point in her childhood. My client contacted me the next day saying that she feels 'wonderful'.

A simple Angelic Reiki session turned into a compassionate de-possession, freeing both my client and the 'suffering being' that had attached to her. 

In Swindon I Space Cleared a home that had been burgled and had a spirit presence attached to it. The house had also undergone a lot of alterations in the past. Now the place feels peaceful.

In a shamanic healing session in Frome I did some energy extraction, power animal retrieval and soul retrieval for my client. 

So lots of Space Clearing lately! Do get in touch if you would like to discuss Space Clearing your home.

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