I am creating two new training courses for 2017: in Space Clearing and Healing. Details will be released in the spring.

The new year is a great time to Space Clear your home – get in touch to book yours now, while there is still space in our diaries!

Here are two recent testimonials for my Space Clearing and healing work which demonstrate the effectiveness of the methods I use:

Space Clearing (summer 2016). It was a very large property; the work took two days, and included curse-clearing, spirit release and earth healing as well as the shamanic healing and sound healing of my Space Clearing ceremony.

Latest Space Clearing testimonial: Anthony & Tia, Herefordshire:

‘The work you did with us exceeded all expectation. Unbelievable. Wonderful. Staggering. Before the space clearing, the house felt heavy. It felt attached to us and us to it. At times more than one presence was felt in the house and moving shadows were often seen in the hallway and up the stairs. There were certain areas the cats and the dog were nervous to walk through. The house always felt unhappy and sad no matter what we did to it. The house had been on the market for around 12 months with very little interest. We were at our wits end before finding Sue and we saw no end to our troubles. We cannot believe how quickly things started to change – immediately after Sue’s space clearing, the house and ourselves felt lifted. We no longer felt any attachment either to the house or on us. The house felt lighter, warmer and every room felt friendlier and more homely, even though most of the rooms were empty. The presence/shadows had vanished, and the cats and the dog walked freely about the place with no hesitation as they did before. Within a few weeks we had three couples very interested in the property and a sale has now been agreed with one of them. Everything has been moving forwards positively after Sue’s visit. It seems bit by bit, our good intentions and prayers are being answered. All this is absolutely brilliant and exactly what we asked for..We have no hesitation in recommending the space clearing work Sue can do for you. She immediately makes you feel comfortable and this washes away any nerves or apprehension you may have. Every home should have Sue to space clear it…..Thank you Sue, we are forever grateful to you for your help.This whole journey with you has been beyond explanation. Thank you so much for the amazing work you do.' 

Healing session (summer 2016). Another client recently said to me 'sometimes you need a clean and a polish, and other times a root canal – your healing sessions are the equivalent of a root canal!'

Latest Healing Testimonial: Nicola Leggat, Steiner school volunteer & budding entrepreneur, Oxford:

'Meeting Sue was the biggest turning point of my life so far. I have visited many healers, so that's no mean feat. The healing session was an incredibly special experience. Sue put me so at my ease, we were in raucous laughter at the beginning. She is truly gifted and I could really feel the years and years of training she has undergone, and benefitted from the integrity with which she spoke. Since then, every day I kept tuning into myself and all I could find was absolute peace, like I have never known before. I felt like I had my voice back. And I didn't understand the extent of how sick I was in my stomach until it was healed. Old unhealthy patterns; gone. Difficulties in a particular family dynamic shifted in a life-changing way. I have more energy, a lot less pain, and I feel comfortably confident and relaxed. When I am about to do something, that previously filled me with absolute dread, I kind of look around for it within me, and it's just not there now, and I go ahead and do it. Having not worked for over ten years I finally feel free, and things are just unfolding. I was previously so stuck and couldn't quite take the step I needed to. Now I have taken it and feel so happy. I have sent off my course application, been offered a dream job voluntarily to start, and have two clients for a part time business I have been preparing for years. I am so grateful to Sue, and so is my son and my Mum. We are all benefitting, and I so look forward to booking a Space Clearing and land healing for our home and garden soon. Several female friends are very keen to see her too.'

If you would like to receive information about my training courses in Space Clearing and healing, please give me your email address, and I will keep you posted. If you would like my Space Clearing and Feng Shui services for your home, or a deep healing session for you, please get in touch.

I am also working on my new website ~ to be launched in the spring 🙂