Yesterday I facilitated a healing session for someone who had been struggling with a spirit that had become attached to their energy field at a time when they were very open. This being only presented itself at certain times in hs life, but when it did it had made him very volatile and unstable, and the difficult aspect of this was realising that this was not my client's true self, but the 'over-shadowing' of another being influencing his thoughts and feelings. My client was now at the point where he could sense that this was not actually him, and he could sense the anger and fear of the suffering being, as a seperate entity. It was my job to efficiently create a space where it could be safely extracted and directed home.

First I performed the Chod ritual, a Tibetan tantric technique for inner and outer Space Clearing. I proceeded to guide this being home to another realm. Once this had been carried out, another suffering being presented itself, this one was the soul of a deceased woman, who had been with my client for around sixteen years (when he had suffered a serious illness) and she was safely guided to the light.

After this process it was necessary to do some healing work to repair my client's energy field and I also returned some of his authentic essence with a power animal and soul retrieval journey.

The whole session unfolded with grace and ease, and I am so grateful to our spirit guides, and excited for my client, to see how their life may change from this point…