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I was honoured to hold a wedding ceremony last weekend for a couple who live near Swansea. We decorated a marquee with colourful Indian decorations, and created a sacred 'temple' space inside. Before the guests were invited into the marquee, I drummed the space to call to the spirit realms. Once people had gathered inside, I used the gong to help set the atmosphere. I then spoke a few words describing the intention for the ceremony – keeping it simple and meaningful, as well as briefly describing the ceremony we were about to carry out. Next I spoke some poetic and powerful words to call to the four directions, the angels and the elements to bless this marriage. Then the rituals for each of the elements began: for air the couple cleansed each other with smoking sage and 'paulo sante' wood, for water they spoke words of love to a goblet of water and drank it together, for wood they tied prayers written on ribbons onto a new tree in the centre of the marquee that they will plant later, for fire they wrote on paper what they wanted to let go of from their relationship and placed this into a fire, for earth they placed rose quartz crystals at the bottom of the tree, and for metal they exchanged rings. At this point they were on their knees on a mat in the centre of the marquee, and we gathered around them and holding hands, chanted the sound 'Ahhh' from our hearts, sending them love and good wishes. We then sprinkled them with rose petals and confetti, whilst the bride's niece sang 'Ave Maria'. 

Everyone was moved by the ceremony, since it was simple, sacred, beautiful and heartfelt. Before the ceremony took place I carried out an earth healing to harmonise the space. If you like the sound of this kind of ceremony, please get in touch with me, and know that we can adapt the rituals and prayers so that they suit your personal beliefs and preferences.

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