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Geopathic Stress and Land Healing.

In a Geopathic Stress & Sick Building Syndrome Consultations, I dowse to detect earth energy lines, and perform an earth healing using earth acupuncture, crystals and sometimes other healing tools, such as Tibetan rituals and sound healing to harmonise the earth energies present.

I have found that Geopathic Stress can be caused by underground water and rock formations, but that it is often due to trauma that is held in the earth from the building of roads, railways, houses, tree-felling, mines, quarries, and sites of battles, feuds, curses and executions. As a geomancer, using dowsing and shamanic journeying, I can discover the nature of the geopathic stress held in the earth, meet and release this energy, and give the most appropriate treatment so that harmony is restored.

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Disclaimer: If you have, or suspect you have a medical problem, see your doctor or professional health care provider. Healing is not a substitute for medical treatment. The information contained on this website is not to be used in place of standard medical, nutritional or general health care or advice by a licensed health professional. Sue Holmes and Fire Horse feng Shui makes no claims to diagnose or cure illnesses.

Client Testimonials

‘I recently purchased an ancient woodland near Bath which will become a forest school and bush craft camp for children and retreat centre. The site has huge history and some of my friends are of the belief that such places collect a lot of memories which affect the atmosphere, they said I should make peace with the place and its past to ensure that the spirits of the forest that dwell there were supportive of their new tenant (me)!

Sue came highly recommended and I kept an open mind about her work. She came and dowsed the wood, made offerings at specific points on the land, meditated, chanted and did earth acupuncture. She gave an enthralling account of her experiences whilst journeying with a drum in the woods, and the sound healing she performed with her voice was beautiful and profound.

I am not really into the esoteric and have my feet firmly on the ground, however, I must admit that the woodland feels a happier place, I am much more comfortable there and feel at peace with it. If only for the experience of watching Sue work her ‘magic’ in such an intriguing, interesting and convincing way I wholeheartedly recommend her services. It was 100% worth the money for my own peace of mind.’

Simon Smith

M.D. Harmony Woods, Forest school & retreat centre, Bath.

Creating a harmonious home that best supports your health, wealth, love, happiness and aspirations.
Cleaning your home of the energetic imprints of the past and previous occupiers, and tuning it to loving frequencies infused with your intentions – giving you a fresh new start, or helping to sell a property.
Tracking, healing and releasing any trauma held in the land, restoring harmony and appeasing the nature spirits

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