What ways do you find to truly unwind and relax? Many people lead such busy lives, and expect our body, minds and spirits to just keep on going. I believe its important to feed our selves with good quality food, and to also take adequate rest and relaxation. Going on holiday is probably the best form of relaxation but we may not be able to do that as often as we need it, so what else can we do…

Last night I visited a local spa and for just £20 I spent three hours in the sauna, sweat room, jacuzzi and hot tub. I met a friend there and it was a lovely was to catch up – followed by a curry! Our bodies were so relaxed by the end of the session we giggled as we walked up the road completely soft and floppy! 

What other ways can we deeply relax our whole bodies? 

Massage, sex, resting in the sunshine, swimming, Tachyon cocoon (more info about these soon). 

If you can think of any other ways, let me know!