What a great event! A warm Portuguese welcome, great speakers, posh venue with a lovely garden, and beautiful weather. I was happy to find a nice Air B&B a few minutes away, and took a morning off to take a TukTuk tour of some of the sites of Lisbon city. There’s lots of pictures on my instagram page:

Sue Holmes (@firehorse.uk)   https://www.instagram.com/firehorse.uk/?hl=pt

I made three presentations at the conference – ‘Why Space Clear’? ‘The art of manifesting wishes’, and Spirit Release and curse unravelling’ , and as a result, have been invited to teach my Space Clearing professional training course in Portugal – dates and details will be announced soon, as well as the details of the training in the UK.

Video clip of my presentation and workshop or ‘The art of manifesting wishes’:

Sue Holmes in action – today at the IFSC

Posted by Joao Carlos Borges on Saturday, 5 May 2018