I left a detox/fasting retreat at Suradetox in Devon, to take part in the Mystic Heart festival. My car broke down en route – fortunately within walking distance of the event. A guardian angel gave me a lift to collect what I needed for the festival from my car, and I was in time to present my workshop on ‘Manifesting your dreams.’

The presenter before me, and the Osho Leela crew and my neighbours were super friendly, warm and helpful, the weather was glorious, and friends were running a cafe there. My experience was of magical synchronicities, healing, bliss and fun so it was a lovely first experience of Osho Leela. I even got to play and sing my songs, joined by some ‘proper musicians’! I also loved the Satsang in the morning.

I had a ‘Human Design’ astrology reading from Richard Beaumont, that described me as a ‘Manifesting Generator’ and one who has ‘the gate of dreaming’ and a ‘strong ability to empower my own vision and create miracles’ – so sounds like I am running the right workshop!

Turned out my fuel pump needed a new fuse and my car was back in action. I drove on to Devon and spent an hour or so of Monday morning in a jacuzzi with a couple of friends in a beautiful garden – now thats a good start to the week!

Here’s a little clip of Ruth Blake, Christopher ‘flute’ and myself playing one of my songs (and me almost bursting with excitement) – shame the sound didn’t work!