I felt a buzz of excitement as I arrived at Into the Wild festival, with the sound of loud live music and sea of tipis and tents. I was struck by the way its quite a large festival (compared with the little ones I have been going to), yet alcohol/drug free, very well organised, with a great deal of care and creativity going into making beautiful areas for so many different activities. There were campfire songs in the cool woods, to drum circles, dance tents, trance dance, sining, tantra, yoga, loud bands (Z Star were amazing – full blast covers of ‘Whole lotta love’ and ‘Black Betty’ to rock out to!) and scores of healing workshops. It’s a family event and great vibe – especially with the sunshine/heat-wave all weekend.

Fortunately I stayed in my Fire Horse camper-van in the crew field, with nice neighbours, right next to the tipi where I ran 2 workshops: ‘Manifesting your dreams with the Cauldron of Infinite Possibilities’…and ‘Spirit guides for support in stressful times’. It was a pleasure to witness people receiving healing, strength and wisdom during their journeys and embodying and celebrating their sacred dreams together with such joy.

I love getting to spend time, laugh heartily, dance barefoot and share deeply with friends old and new. Thank you to Crow and Willow of Driftwood Drums – for their hand made beautiful rattles and drums etc at the best-looking and reasonably priced stall on site.

I also witnessed some aloneness and sadness (in myself) at times…#bethewitness #non-attachment #allow #feelit #breathe #letitgo