I find it beneficial to take time out to rest, relax and work on my own spiritual growth, since this is not only healthy for mind, body, heart and soul, and enjoyable, but brings more clarity and renewed vitality to my work. I decided to spend a few weeks holiday in Costa Rica this winter, at Pachamama retreat centre – switching off my mobile phone and relaxing in the forest and on a quiet beach, enjoying warmth and sunshine every day, living a simple life within the disciplined organisation and awakening frequency of a conscious community.

Each morning I awoke to the sound of howler monkeys (not so peaceful – sounds like a prehistoric monster is approaching!) and buzzing insects, and enjoyed regular sightings of hummingbirds and giant blue butterflies in the day, and the sound of owls in the evening. There was always something rustling in the undergrowth, from hens, racoons and lizards to armadillos.

One day I gave reiki to a hummingbird that had flown into a glass window, cupping the exquisite little beauty in my hands until she flew off. I then went to the beach and as I lay sunbathing I realised something was hurting my side, I looked around and there was a large purple and orange crab pinching me! – Perhaps I was sunbathing on top of its home? Then I sat under the trees with some friends who were singing. There were a load of vultures on the beach, and one of them flew to a branch beside us and seemed to be listening and appreciating the music! I then heard that a friend had encountered a tarantula in the shower that day, and another had found a skunk in her living room and as she tried to shoo him out, he actually sprayed her in her eyes – ugh! Intense! that was TOO close to nature!

I feel very refreshed from the forest and beach ‘pura vida’ (good life) at Pachamama. A diet of mainly fresh fruit, salad and cacao (no sugar or wheat), silent meditation, colon and liver cleanse, yoga, rebirthing, dancing, singing, praying, healing, and making new friends, all combine to being reborn to a new chapter in my life. I feel brand new inside and out – with a new hair style to boot…Gracias Pachamama!