I am currently writing my first novel which is an assimilation of my life and work so far, and the foundation for the next phase. I have been writing notes for this book since 1999, when I visited a psychic medium in Brighton, and she told me that my gift was to write, and that I would write a book one day, and it was important that I wrote down my experiences. This rang true, so I took heed of this prophecy, and have squashed notebooks into ruck sacks on my travels over seas, and poured my experiences into folders on trainings and retreats over the last 20 years.  Now I am drawing from them to create a fiction novel – I have the full title, but it’s secret for now! 

I used to write a diary as a child and teenager but unfortunately I burnt them all – good for clutter clearing, but there would have been some great material in there. Writing was my best subject at school, but I didn’t follow it to further education, regrettable in some ways, but destiny propelled me in another direction, and fortunately I lived a life full of contrasting experiences which are rich, steaming manure for my book. 

At the age of 49, my life entered a powerful phase, astrologically – Chiron’s return, the wounded healer – and hormonally – approaching menopause – and don’t I know it! All the wisdom I have gathered as an ‘honorary grandmother’ aged 52, is distilling and brewing… With prompts from teachers in body and spirit for the last few years, to make it my top priority, I am now in a position to set some time aside to manifest this book at last. Now that I am compiling it, all I want to do is stay in my cottage beside the wood-burner until it’s done. Of course I continue to work, and occasionally venture out to see friends for a cuppa (and preferably a sauna, sing-song, or a boogie), or go for a walk and get some sunshine and fresh air, but mostly I am a happy hermit getting this story down. Three chapters in…for me its both a cathartic process, and a creative project: weaving a story that may touch others in a good way.

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Books I just read & recommend:

  • ‘Magical crows, ravens and the celebration of death’, by Andrew Steed – a passionate and colourful Celtic bard, sharing relatable magic and wisdom
  • Sweat your prayers’ by Gabrielle Roth, pioneer of ‘5 rhythms’ dance practise, a straight-talking savvy New Yorker – what a legacy she contributed – RIP.