My 1st gig in Bristol in January was a great success – it was for my album release ‘Heaven on Earth’ in Bristol with Eddie Chilvers on piano, Ruth Blake vocal harmonies, Ben Capp sound technician (like on the album), with added percussion from Damien Mahoney and guitar from Tristan Starling. There was such a magical atmosphere, so much love in the room, such generous applause (& forgiving my mistakes!) and open-hearted participation from tears to laughter – the feedback was amazing, saying this was such a rare and special vibe! Tristan Starling played his new album ‘Ofrenda’ with a full band and Dale Ryan shared his poetry – both beautiful. Thank you to my Mum for my tassley diva dress! I’m so grateful for the support from lovely friends old & new and family travelling to be there so that we had a full house.

What a great way to start the new moon, ‘Chinese New Year of the Rat’ and life in Somerset. I was literally in the middle of moving house, so was tired, stressed and in limbo before this gig, but since then have felt really loved up, happy and settled. Thank you everyone!

You can find both mine and Tristan Starling‘s albums on Bandcamp, Spotify etc