July has been been mainly focused on healing sessions. It is my privilege and pleasure to walk people through the healing journeys that are arising for them at this time. A client will often arrive troubled and feeling stuck, and by the time they leave, they are feeling lighter, more relaxed and looking several years younger! My healing clients present a variety of issues such as anger patterns, fear of betrayal, victim identity, or the holding of trauma such as sexual abuse and grief, or physical symptoms that are relieved by having emotional releases, connecting with family relationships such as fear of losing loved ones or unresolved conflicts.

Some of these patterns may be present day issues, or relate to childhood events, some have their roots deep within ancestral lines, and others may be surfacing from past life experiences. I have a speciality in assisting people to clear possessions, and then fill the space that they have been occupying with a power animal or soul retrievals, and repair and strengthen the auric field. In my experience possessing spirits and entities are actually quite common, and they influence people’s thoughts and compulsions such as addictions and repeated patterns of behavior. It can be a frightening and distressing experience and such a relief when the ‘suffering being’ is cleared, and their host finds more freedom to be their true selves. 

On a personal level this month has been important in my immersion in Buddhist Dzogchen teachings and practices. I was introduced to Dzogchen last year with Lama Lena (originally from California, she has been practicing since 1972, including spending seven years in a retreat cave in the himalayas). I joined her weekend workshop this summer, enthralled by her words, presence and the teachings she shares. I particularly appreciated the personal attention she gave each of us at the end of the weekend, tuning into our energy channels, and giving suggestions for practices that would be suitable for our individual needs. I also attended a weekend with James Low. He has been teaching Dzogchen since the 1970’s, and has a very poetic and humorous way of translating complex philosophical ideas into stories that westerners can relate to. The third teacher I found is Lama Khemsar Rinpoche, an authentic Tibetan Lama from Yungdrung Bon, the 18,000 year old shamanic tradition that predates Buddhism; he lives in London, and offers a rare opportunity to learn these practices in Tibetan. 

This has been a steep learning curve for me, learning to chant in Tibetan requires discipline and dedication, but its a path that I intend to follow, since I believe that the sounds of these prayers and mantras spoken in this sacred language resonate with our Buddha/God nature, and have the power to transform energy and consciousness. Of course this path is also about 'walking your talk', and living with indiscriminate compassion, forgiveness and kindness.

I now offer my clients a healing ritual ‘Lud-dzong’ which is embued with ancient Tibetan shamanic method and wisdom, and can be used for the de-possession of people and houses. The ritual involves the making of effigies and offerings, representing the five poisons: ignorance, anger, jealousy, attachment and pride, combined with specific prayers and mantras. 

Whilst I studied and practiced Tibetan cleansing chants, I also undertook a seven day juice fast, colon and liver cleanse, and carried out the Lud-dzong ritual for myself. It was a powerful experience and felt like another rebirth!

This month has been special, enjoying day after day of sun and warmth. It was such blissful pleasure to assist at a healing retreat this weekend where I could facilitate healing sessions whilst lying in long grass in the sunshine! I also held my largest laughter group of around fifty people, using playfulness, mindfulness, movement and laughter. I look forward to running a longer retreat working with these themes in the near future…

In my healing sessions I may use a combination of methods such as Colour Light therapy, Energy healing, shamanic healing, Angelic reiki and Tibetan rituals. Sessions last from 1-5 hours. Follow this link for more information about my healing sessions.

Follow this link for information about Feng Shui, Space Clearing and Land healing.