What a wonderful night out at ‘Skating on Ice’ yesterday. I head that the video of me and Gemma space clearing the rink had been cut from the show due to it being ‘too spiritual to go out before the watershed’. However Gemma appreciates my work and invited me to come to her dressing room and facilitate another healing session with her before the show. I focused on relaxing, focusing and aligning techniques.

I had been given 2 VIP tickets to the show, and my friend Sam joined me, on the front seats. It was a wonderful show – the sets, the professional skaters and the celebrities providing great entertainment –  and being in the studio was fun too, with all the audience participation and singing between the filming.

Gemma performed really well, no falls or issues, and she enjoyed it – so she went out on a good note. Although she didn’t get voted to carry on, she was ready to bow out gracefully and let the more competent skaters carry on, as the competition gets hotter.

I’m grateful for an exciting and different week’s work and events in the Fire Horse diary, and happy that the work went well with Gemma.