Last week, I was given the opportunity to do a 'house cleaning' on TV. John Moss from the B.S.D. (British Society of Dowsers) had invited me to join him for an interview with Channel 4 people, and this led to being selected for the job in York. The programme is a spin off series from Channel 4's 'Location location' and will be shown on 'More 4' in the Spring. The show is presented by Kirsty's sister Sophie (as in Kirsty & Phil from 'Location location').

The clients they found, Katie and Craig certainly needed the consultation – they're not sleeping well, they're very stressed and have health issues. We started by dowsing to find any geopathic stress, which I then harmonised using earth acupuncture and crystals. I tested the EMF and microwave levels in their home. Then Katie and I carried out a Space Clearing Ceremony to remove negative energy from the past (including Katie's former relationship). Finally, away from the cameras I gave Katie and then Craig some angelic reiki healing.

I shall write more fully about the consultation, what we found and the results, and perhaps add a clip from the programme once it goes out in February.