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I just returned from my first Sunrise Festival in Somerset. It is impossible not to be British and discuss the weather, since it rained a lot and we all ended up wading through several inches of thick mud in a swamp that covered the whole site! However, I have to say that this is my favourite festival, because not only can you see and listen to all kinds of music and entertainment and meet up with friends for a celebration, but there are a huge variety of workshops and talks. I enjoyed a talk by Julie Rocka on Geomancy, Water Consciousness & Sacred Space, and one by her partner Richard Creightmore on Crop Circles. I went to a Laughter workshop – and think I may have found a potential new workshop to be added to Fire Horse services…! I enjoyed listening and singing along with friends playing their acoustic set, as well as having a dance with friends old and new to some great bands and DJs (no big names, just lots of unique talent. There were also some nice cafes and funky shops. I would have liked to have made it to some more talks and workshops – belly dance, bees, permaculture, 2012, shamanism & Sufi Whirling, and to some circus acts – maybe next year…one thing I would like to manifest for next year is that we have a caravan/campervan, since I like to have a cosy, dry, Feng Shui'd festival space to enjoy and welcome friends to…

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