I am making some videos of me facilitating healing sessions for my online training course: ‘Shamanic Practitioner & Energy Healer’. All sessions will take place in my home in Bath, and will take 1-2 hours, with lunch included. This is an opportunity to receive an authentic healing session from a ‘master healer’ (moi!) free of charge, which will be sensitively filmed and edited where necessary. My normal fees are a considerable investment, so this is a unique opportunity and only 13 slots are available. Places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis – though my preference is to work with people that I already know and have ideally worked with before – but please apply anyway! Either use my contact page or send me an email with ‘Free Healing’ as the title to sue@firehorse.uk.com, stating:

  • what dates you can be available between now and the end of September
  • which healing modalities you are interested and willing to receive (you can number them as below)

A: Woman needed – One session will be a healing session for a woman, from which very small clips will be used in advertising my work (must be available 1st week in September on a week day)

B: Men & Women needed – Twelve sessions will create teaching videos and only shown to my students for teaching purposes, where I demonstrate how to facilitate a particular healing technique. I need twelve sessions to cover all of these modalities:

1: Infusion – Infusion of earth energy for grounding & release and heavenly energies to fill up their body with light

2:  Extraction – Clear toxic energetic blockages from the chakras & 7 layers of the energy field –  for example repressed emotions, limiting patterns, trauma, past life/ancestral/old relationship programmes and misplaced astral objects and intrusions. The space left by the extraction is filled up with light.

 2:  Sound Healing – Using of voice as a healing tool to assist with extraction, by toning sounds that resonate with energy blocks to dissolve them & then strengthen the energy body by entrainment with harmonious sounds.

4: Alignment with Synchronicity – Alignment your true self, life purpose and soul’s path in life. Strengthen your connection with the earth’s life force as fuel and heavenly light-filled grace – assisting you to manifest your heart’s desires & soul’s longings.

5: Organ Cleaning and Spine Regeneration  – Work with the five elements to cleanse and tonify the spine, supporting posture and the nervous system; and transforming the energy of the major organs: Liver (anger to kindness); Heart (hatred to unconditional love); Lungs (sadness to courage); Stomach (stress to calm); Kidneys (fear to trust)

6: Relationship Cords  – Clean the energetic connections and influences between you and a relationship that needs healing (eg people, addictions, phobias) leaving a more pure connection of love, light and acceptance.

7: Root Regression – A guided deep hypnosis journey on a path of mental de-conditioning and emotional purification, reaching into the subconscious memories that control behaviours, which may appear as a metaphor, childhood or past life story. You will be supported to tune into your own wisdom to heal and transform the roots of current issues and reclaim your power, as an empowering form of DIY soul retrieval.

8: Auric & Psychic surgery – By merging with spirit guides, using ‘hands of light’ as precision tools to restore and reweave your auric field and energetic blue-print of your body, for optimum health.

Module 9: Shamanic Extraction – Using shamanic techniques to sense energetic intrusions and performing deep extraction using sacred tools, such as a distaff, crystal wand and a shamanic sucking technique with a full merge

10: Soul & Power Retrieval – Soul Retrieval – Tracking & returning lost parts of your soul or true essence, that may have been lost due to a shock, trauma or compromise in your life & are ready to return with the gifts of authentic power that they restore. Power Retrieval – Journey to retrieve a spirit guide e.g. an ancestor, which appears in the form of a power animal for you, that strengthens your innate ‘medicine’ and strengths.

11: Compassionate de-possession (spirit release) – Misplaced suffering beings that have become attached to you parasitically are safely transported to a more fitting place for them to be, liberating them and you to reclaim your sovereignty.

12: Unravelling ancestral patterns & malicious intentions or ‘curses’ – Detecting the energy of an ancestral pattern/‘curse’/malicious intention and defusing, unravelling and clearing it, so liberating all concerned from its toxic effects.