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Whenever I hear people talk about their home being re-decorated, instead of them talking with excitement and appreciation that they have the opportunity and can afford to have home improvements done, they tend to be moaning about the mess, noise and inconvenience. Of course we are all human and tend to have busy lives, HOWEVER! It is much better energetically to express our love and gratitude for the redecorating, since this is the energy that will be held in the new paint, wallpaper, wood etc. If you are making the home improvements yourself, then instead of putting stress, swearing and irritation into the work, try to bring as much awareness to it as possible and do it with love. You might like to write beautiful things on the walls before you paint them, put a drop of your favorite essential oil in the paint (or even better use Tachyon paints), and sing along to your favorite music whilst you work.

For a list of my Feng Shui Consultations, follow this link