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Crop Circles – This is my second summer in Wiltshire, enjoying the stunning scenery of the Pewsey valley. Surprisingly, last weekend was my first visit to a crop circle. This one was close to Bewdyn. It was hard to get an aerial phot, so this photograph of a diagram of the crop circle shows the overall shape of it. 

I have been told that these crop circles are made in a few hours in the night by a group of local people…it does amaze me that they can get the lines and proportions so accurate, without squashing down any corn that isn't part of the pattern – and as far as I know, no one has ever photographed people in the act of creating one. No sooner was this one discovered than a flight of visitors arrived from the USA and Japan. I presume they must be convinced Crop Circles are made by mysterious earth energies or alians. I can imagine humans made the simpler ones, but how about the really complex ones…

It was quite exciting walking down the corn passageways to get to the centre of the circle where we sat and discussed the design with our friends. There were a handful of other people wandering around it, lying in it, dowsing the energy or meditating. One couple came and sat with us and we immediately shared stories of sacred sites and love stories – the interesting and synchronistic ways we had each met our beloved. I find it so heart-warming to have deep and open conversations and connections with random 'strangers'. They were from the USA and Holland, and had come to the Uk especially to see crop circles, so we directed them to 'The Barge Inn'at Honeystreet – the pub at the heart of the local crop circle community which has pictures of crop circles all over the walls.

Even if the crop circles are all made by humans, I believe that the geometric shapes, and the people who visit them can have an affect on the earth enegies. This crop circle was based around a five pointed star, which some would say represents the five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal (or air) and water.

Crop circle diagram