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Feng Shui has a reputation in the West as being superstitious nonsense. Actually I believe some Feng Shui shops can exploit people's superstitions and fears and sell expensive trinkets that will for example, supposedly bring wealth or love. I believe that objects can have a symbolic influence on us – consciously and sub-consciously, and be of some benefit, but what is important is that they are meaningful to you and that you interact with them frequently, rather than them being expensive or part of someone else's culture.

I have found that when a client of mine is very superstitious, this can be counterproductive, since they focus on one insignificant aspect of the energy in their home and bring loads of fear into the situation. For example, if you worry every day that your toilet is in your wealth area, and every time you use your toilet you think about your money going down the drain…then you are helping to create the problem – as a self-fulfilling prophecy…and if you think that placing a 3 legged toad or some other 'lucky' charm on your desk will bring you wealth, well at least you are focusing positive intentions to the situation, which can only be beneficial, but you may be missing a much more important Feng Shui consideration.

There is usually a far more pressing Feng Shui issue, such as the position of the building in relation to the outer landscape ('Form'), the way in which energy enters the front door and moves through the building (qi flow), or the Flying Stars pattern for wealth, and the position of your desk and the Feng Shui of your work space, since, in my opinion this will have much more affect on your wealth potential.

So, my advice would be don't get caught up in minor details and negative superstitions.
Also, whilst I do believe that there is a kind of magic to the way Feng Shui can transform people's lives, a lot of Feng Shui is very practical!