At the start of September I moved to Bristol. It feels like a good location for me at this time. Its a ‘happening’ place, with the friendly south west vibe, close to beautiful countryside. Its also situated on the M4 and M5 with easy routes to carry out feng shui, space clearing and land healing consultations in the south, south west, midlands, London and Wales. I am now available for clients to visit me for healing sessions in Bristol. Once I have settled in a new home I will be announcing shamanic laughter medicine workshops and cacao ceremonies…

This month I had a feng shui garden consultation in Devon. The garden was pretty much a blank canvas, and it was great to be creative with planting, integrating seating areas, a sun-bathing place (this summer has changed things!), green house, meditation spot, altars and vegetable patches. I love gardens that appeal to all the senses in all the seasons, bringing out the natural character of the place, and adding some of the personality of the people who live there – in this case some Mediterranean influences.

I have facilitated some deep healing journeys in healing sessions, often combining colour light therapy with shamanic healing and energy healing, working with issues such as bereavement, cancer episodes, relationship cords, sexual abuse, ancestral healing, past life traumas, curse clearing and compassionate de-possession. 

Its always an honour for me to be invited to carry out a land healing; this month I worked at some ancient woodlands near Bath, where the owner is to develop a forest school and bush camp for children. It was a beautiful and interesting place to work, acknowledging all that has happened there, releasing the pain that was held there from violent acts in the past, including psychopomp (soul transportation) for earth bound spirits, and restoring harmony to this place, which is actually called ‘Harmony Woods’! Its a truly magical place, and it was exciting to hear all the plans for their project, which I look forward to seeing as it develops. I will also be assisting in the layout of the site, using feng shui and the art of creating sacred space. 

On a personal note, this is quite a challenging time for me as I am staying somewhere on a temporary basis whilst I look for a more long term house to rent. Its a very competitive market in Bristol, and its been an emotional roller-coaster, with hopes frequently raised and dashed. In witnessing my own process, I am reminded of how vital and fundamental it is for most people to have a place called home, where we can put down some roots, feel secure and build our lives from. I am manifesting a home where I feel supported in my well being, work, creativity, relationships and spiritual awakening, and I wish this for all beings everywhere. 

To cope with this stressful period I have been looking after myself with good food, rest, seeing old friends, walking in nature and sitting with trees, relaxing in a hot tub and scented steam room, watching feel-good funny films, dancing and singing to loud music, and sweating it out at Bikram ‘hot’ yoga classes!

I love spending time in Glastonbury. There are a couple of beautiful ancient oak trees, near the Tor that I was recently taken to by a friend, and I find this such a sacred place to sit and commune with nature, to meditate and find clarity, guidance and inspiration. There is also a special place half way up the Tor, and around the back, where there is a round ‘goddess’ stone and a small tree with many prayer ribbons tied to it. It is said to be on the old processional route up the Tor, and can be a quiet place to sit and meditate, when the top of the Tor is busy.

I would love to hear about special places in nature in the Bristol area…

I spent a wonderful weekend of singing and healing in a tipi in Essex, in a magical garden with a barn owl in the tree beside us and hedgehogs in the garden. I love to be in circle and community in this way. We were blessed with sunshine all day and a dry, mild, starry night.  My heart longs for a trip to the Andes in the spring, to visit the mountain spirits, and sing healing songs…come on abundance angels, lets do it!

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