Recent Home Healer activities include a Feng Shui Consultation in Stroud, opening the home to the fresh energy and beauty of the river, changing the seating of the living room connecting it with the open plan kitchen and making the space feel more sociable. I also recommended moving the bed to the most restful position, changing the use of the spare room and bringing more beauty to the entrance, encouraging fresh qi and new opportunities to enter…

A Land healing consultation in Oxfordshire revealed lines of trauma through the property from historical human suffering and ignorance, which were then harmonised using crystals and earth acupuncture. I also recommended building a cairn on the land. Due to awareness and sensitivity around EMFs I recommended using blocpaint on the walls, from EMFields.

Healing sessions included extraction of negative energy, and power animal retrievals, cathartic releases and relationship healing, compassionate de-possession and curse-unravelling. 

A laughter workshop on the Yorkshire moors was great fun and we were blessed with warm sunshine and refreshing wind. I received the idea of a shamanic training course, that I wish to hold in the near future, as well as a Laughter Medicine Retreat, so I shall get busy this winter designing those courses.

On a personal level I have enjoyed spending time in the fields of Wiltshire, woods of Devon, the Vale of Avalon and the Yorkshire moors. It was beautiful to witness a friend's hand-fasting on Glastonbury Tor, and to see how happy, confident and relaxed my friend was with her beloved. It was a simple, unpretentious, sacred and fun ceremony in an apple orchard and we were blessed that it didn’t rain. I lalso loved seeing some old friends that I see all too seldom. All blessings for your union Belinda and Nigel.

August was also a time of packing up and moving on, leaving Frome in Somerset, with gratitude for my time there, and on September 1st I moved to Montpelier in Bristol, with excitement for all that Bristol offers. And so begins the Bristol chapter of my life…

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