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My partner and I were lucky enough to spend last week walking 58 miles from the source of the river Exe on Exmoor in Somerset, along the Exe Valley Way, to where the river exe joins the sea in Exmouth. Amazingly it never rained over the whole 5 days walk, so we savored the last week of short sleeves and sunshine before the crisp frosts, cold winds and wet weather moved in. 
The 1st 2 days were particularly scenic, and the landscape was a mixture of open moorland with wild ponies and deer, woodland, riverside and gentle hills. We walked around 12 miles a day. A walk at the end of September meant there were lots of wild flowers around as well as many types of fungi and autumn colour. 
We were still in touch with the outside world, with our mobile phones and the internet (when we had a signal!) but how nourishing to the spirit is that time of silence in nature.
Tests have shown that people are healthier and function more creatively at work when they have plants in their indoor environment. I highly recommend that you check your connection with nature either with indoor plants, a view of nature from your window, or pictures of nature that inspire you. Also make the effort to spend time in the park, the woods, by water or wherever you can that is your nearest and dearest places in nature to relax and regenerate.