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So-called 'primitive' dwellings tend to be round – mud huts, tipis, yurts etc. When these get replaced with square and rectangular shaped homes, there tends to be a sense of disconnection from the natural way. Feng Shui must suely be cncerned with making an environment feel as natural and flowing as possible. Yet in towns and cities, lines of buildings are predominantly straight and angular. The more we can soften these lines, the more pleasure we feel – how delightful and popular is for example, the work of Gaudi in Barcelona, who dared to make irregular imaginative shapes in his architecture.

In Feng Shui, Qi naturally flows in curves, whereas it flows too fast along straight lines. Where there is a corner of a piece of furniture or wall pointing towards us, we tend to less comfortable.
To create good Feng Shui in your home, wherever possible, use curves rather than straight lines, and soften the corners of any walls that protrude into your living space. Use round or oval tables, curvy vases and sculptures, curved armchairs and sofas, plants & flowers with soft outlines and pictures of organic shapes.
It is difficult to find rounded houses! But one place we can certainly apply some Feng Shui curves is in our gardens.