Just returned from the Mystic Heart Festival in Dorset. It’s a unique festival focused on the mystical and magical, at Osho Leela community in Somerset. Its also unique for a festival because we share an elegant old house, large garden, variety of accommodation, nice toilets & showers and all meals are included. There was a sauna, sweat lodge, shamanism, kids tent, story-telling, fire-walking, music, dance, holistic healing sessions, mystical workshops, humour, heartful hugging, satsang and Bayari’s outdoor ‘Cosmic Order cafe’ with cacao treats and potions!

Even though many people there have been friends for years, I find it incredibly un-cliquey, and probably the most friendly, open-hearted, welcoming and inclusive place I have been. It’s a fun, relaxing, homely and beautiful environment to spend time with friends old and new and dive into mystical experiences together, in the frequency of Osho and the ascended masters and mystics. Its happening same time next year.

I am honoured to have assisted with the opening and closing ceremonies and grateful to take part by sharing a presentation on home healing, including classical feng shui, ‘intuitive’ (Western) feng shui, EMF/microwave awareness and geopathic stress; and held my manifestation workshop ‘Cauldron of Infinite Possibilities’.

I attended my first Enneagram workshop… I reckon my ‘home base’ is 7 – The Adventurer. I also enjoyed a Mary Magdalene channelling workshop. It’s always lovely to hear Ruth Blake sing her incredible songs. The whole event was co-ordinated by Svabhavo and Amore – thank you to you both and everyone else.